A culture of continuous improvement

Protecting your exam program and content is our primary goal. With teams dedicated to internal audit, vendor assurance, and compliance, we are proud to actively implement and maintain internationally recognized standards, accreditations, and certifications, enabling us to deliver best-in-class computer-based testing.

The way we do business

We are committed to being stable and transparent partners to our clients and vendors, upholding high quality, secure, and ethical business practices.

  • ISO 22301:2019
    Certified since 2013 Global 

    The International Standard for Business Continuity Management

    Pearson VUE was the first computer-based testing organization to certify to ISO 22301 and the first organization to be certified to the Standard by SGS in both the UK and Japan.

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  • ISO 14001:2015
    Certified since 2009 Environment UK 

    The International Standard for Environmental Management

    ISO 14001 represents our commitment to continually reducing our carbon footprint and improving our interaction with the environment as a global corporation.

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    Global Finance 

    Level 1 compliant

    Pearson VUE has the security strategy, tools, and support resources to safely handle sensitive cardholder information. By staying compliant, Pearson VUE is part of the solution, a united, global response to fighting payment card data compromise.

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  • SOC for Service Organizations
    Global Finance 

    Report on User Entities’ Internal Control over Financial Reporting

    Pearson VUE is assessed annually on our service performance and the related controls, giving you trust and confidence when partnering with us to deliver your exams.

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  • ISO 9001:2015
    Certified since 2005 Quality 

    International Standard for Quality Management

    Certification to this standard signifies that we operate through a process-driven approach to achieve and improve upon the quality management within our organization.

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  • ISO 17024
    Global Exam development & delivery 

    The International Standard for Conformity Assessment - General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification of Persons

    We comply with the principles of ISO 17024 to demonstrate that integrity, validity, and reliability are central to the development of our exams.

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  • ISO 23988
    Global Exam development & delivery Compliant for over 10 years 

    The International Code of Practice for the Use of Information Technology in the Delivery of Assessments

    Compliance with ISO 23988 demonstrates that we adopt best practice in IT security and provides the confidence that we address any security and fairness concerns.

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  • Ofqual
    UK Exam development & delivery 

    Conditions of Recognition

    While Pearson VUE is not currently regulated by Ofqual, as a trusted test delivery partner, it is important for us to support our customers by adopting the same practices and standards where possible. This not only helps us to adopt industry-recognized best practices but also helps our customers in achieving and maintaining their compliance with Ofqual requirements.

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  • ISO 19011

    The International Standard that sets guidelines for managing systems auditing

    We have an extensive and robust global internal audit process established per the requirements outlined in ISO 19011 to assure that, as our business grows, we will continue to operate at the highest standard for you and your candidates.

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  • ISO 31000

    The International Standard for Risk Management

    Our risk management framework is built on the principles of ISO 31000 with the purpose not of eliminating risk, but understanding it, so that our organization can take advantage of the opportunities it affords and minimize the adverse impacts.

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The way we protect information

Your information is important to us and we strive to protect it at every level of our operations.

  • EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework
    Certified since 2016 Data protection 

    EU and US framework

    Our compliance assures our clients and test-takers that data is processed and stored in accordance with the requirements of the stringent local data privacy laws.

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  • Data Protection Act
    Registered since 2004 

    UK legislation

    We adhere to a strict set of data protection principles to maintain the use, storage, and accessibility of data. We also comply with supporting legislation, including the CCTV Code of Practice, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, and the Freedom of Information Act.

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  • JIS Q 15001:2017
    Compliant since 2013 Japan 

    The PrivacyMark(r) System

    Pearson VUE has been objectively evaluated to ensure compliance with relevant Japanese laws and regulations, and has voluntarily established a personal information protection management system to maintain a high level of protection.

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    AtO since 2015 Information security US 

    Federal Information Security Management Act

    Pearson VUE conducts annual reviews to protect our information systems and the information we hold from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to provide integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

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  • Information Assurance Maturity Model
    UK Information security 

    UK Government Model

    Pearson VUE uses the IAMM to support the adoption of the SPF. We conduct and maintain a self-assessment to demonstrate Information Assurance (IA) maturity.

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  • Security Policy Framework
    UK Information security 

    UK Government framework

    As part of our security strategy, we have implemented the SPF standards and best practice guidelines required to protect our people, information, and infrastructure.

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  • ISO 27001:2013
    Global Information security 

    The International Standard for Information Security Management

    ISO 27001 provides the assurance that Pearson VUE has the mechanisms in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of people’s personal information.

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