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Change is a constant. In a dynamic global market, computer-based testing paired with our team of knowledgeable experts gives you the infrastructure and tools you need to respond efficiently and successfully to change. Whether you’re a new exam program evaluating how to reach a broad base of candidates or an existing high-stakes program wanting to expand and diversify your testing experience, our trusted marketing team — with an extensive background in assessment marketing — can help you identify avenues for growth.

No matter what challenges or opportunities you encounter, here’s how computer-based testing with Pearson VUE can help you evolve.

  • Looking to
    inspire candidates?
  • Partner with us to develop campaigns and create promotions
  • Provide access to official exam prep materials

Tell your certification story

Your exam program has a valuable story to tell: a story about maintaining integrity, defining standards, proving competencies, all of which help you and your candidates drive every industry forward through certification. We’ll help you craft a compelling narrative to grow awareness and elevate your program. With decades of marketing experience in computer-based testing and beyond, our marketing experts are part of your team from the beginning, providing you with the creative strategy and resources to evolve with new opportunities, whether you’re new to CBT or just new to VUE.

From project-based collaboration to fully outsourced marketing strategy — including strategy, development, and execution — our marketers have worked with the best testing programs in the world, and we’re here to help you grow your program by reaching new markets, engaging with candidates, and raising awareness.


Transition resources

  • Stakeholder FAQ and benefits messaging
  • Custom test-taker homepage
  • Publicity to our test center network

Growth strategies

  • Candidate promotions
  • Market planning
  • Event partnerships
  • Digital marketing initiatives
  • Print advertising

Empower your candidates: From prep to test

When your candidates are empowered with a broad range of certification prep materials, they’ll be ready to test and succeed. Power your candidates’ certification prep with a custom branded storefront on our online store for your program’s official learning materials.

With a custom branded storefront, your candidates can purchase:

  • Study guides and video and eLearning courseware
  • Practice exams
  • Computer-based testing demos

Our turn-key ecommerce solution — including full-service setup, data-driven reporting, and expert consultation — allows you to effectively reach candidates when they are ready to learn and test, giving you new opportunities to engage with candidates throughout the lifecycle of your program.

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